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The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 are better known as DSEAR and is Law in the UK. When the ATEX Directives were introduced across Europe, they were integrated into UK Law under DSEAR but ATEX and DSEAR are essentially the same thing and they place the same responsibilities on employers to ensure that work places using, storing or handling flammable substances are safe for their workers.


Our DSEAR inspections will provide the necessary documented evidence that will verify all installed electrical equipment is certified, fit for purpose and safe to use in hazardous areas. We specialise in this type of inspection and we only use experienced, COMPEX  certified inspectors.


Our DSEAR inspections are carried out in accordance with the internationally recognised Standard IEC 60079-17 (The Inspections and Maintenance of Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas) and we will produce an inspection report for each piece of Ex equipment along with an Ex register of all installed equipment as part of the asset integrity. We will record any non-conformances, and include any recommendations for safety improvements where necessary.


Other actions that must be taken to comply with DSEAR include instituting a permit to work system, hazardous area awareness training for all personnel who work in the hazardous areas, providing anti-static clothing, displaying ATEX warning signs, producing an explosion protection document and an Ex register and all these actions will all be outlined in our final report of compliance along with improvement measures if necessary.

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